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Featured Products 


Polka Dots Bowl by Maati Sona


A bespoke collection of ceramic bowls, handcrafted on the potter’s wheel. Ideal for both decorative and functional purposes, right from ‘everyday use’ to 'a festive family meal'. Bring home this exclusive range of serveware to add a splash of color to your dining experience!

Brown Planter by Maati Sona


This vibrant array of planters adds a dash of colour to your home. Nestle these planters with your choicest greens to create a sense of serenity and peace. 
Savour your “me” time by creating a quiet cosy corner with our environment-friendly planters. Pair it with our rustic tumblers to sip a glass of sumptuous evening tea - a temporary escape from the bustle of daily life.


Festivals are a time when families come together. It's a celebration of life, filled with laughter, lights & colors. Add glitter to your festivities with our exquisite selection of diyas, tea-lites & jingles.

This eco-friendly collection celebrates the human spirit & sense of community while preserving our culture rooted in traditions.

Bowls by Maati Sona


Say goodbye to the monotony of standardized chinaware with our handmade collection of bowls & plates.


A perfectly curated set, ideal for a family dinner or a date with your special someone. 

Dinnerware by Maati Sona
Wall Decor by Maati Sona


Walls are blank canvases, with infinite potential. Inspired by nature, these pieces are created to alleviate the aesthetics of contemporary homes. 


Select from our exclusive range of murals, plaques and decorative pieces to transform your living spaces.

Our Story

Cernamic Decor by Maati Sona
Blurred Office Interior

Maati Sona is a Ceramic & Glass design studio based out of Bangalore.

The name "Maati Sona" signifies the metamorphosis of sand (Maati) into an elegant moulded product (Sona).

The brand envisages creating modern and versatile pieces that celebrates the Indian sensibilities. With their unique and bold character, the vibrant designs instantly alleviate your home. 


Maati Sona was conceptualized by Arunima and Shitij.

Learn Pottery

Pottery Classes by Maati Sona
Blurred Office Interior

In this era when we all are working in stressed environments and bustling to strive it is important to have a few hours away from the everyday routine to challenge oneself creatively. Pottery is one such hobby that can help you relieve stress and reintroduce you to the concept of slow-living. 

At Maati Sona we focus on teaching you everything from basic pottery, clay modelling to glazing.


Our courses are a combination of theory and practical where he students are given in depth knowledge about the process.

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