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The name "Maati Sona" signifies the metamorphosis of sand (Maati) into an elegant moulded product (Sona).

The brand envisages creating modern and versatile pieces that celebrate Indian sensibilities. With a unique and bold character, the vibrant designs instantly alleviate your home. 


Our Products

An amalgamation of rustic, edgy, quirky & bold, each product is individually handcrafted using traditional techniques. Functional and contemporary designs instantly revamp your workspaces and homes alike. Expressions through our products are spirited and opulent.

All products are environment friendly, ageless, and distinctively earthen in their appeal. They add a personal touch, thereby transforming your living space into a place you can call home!

Design Philosophy 


I endeavour to keep my products minimalistic, in sync with the contemporary design sensibilities.​


My design philosophy is inspired largely by nature, which reflects in the marine mural collections and the fauna-inspired banyan tree.

I often feel the need to have a sense of pause from the rushed pace of modern life. This requires belief in a higher power, symbolized in the Buddha collection.​

I strongly believe clay is the most versatile material, remembering each fingerprint, depression & texture, carrying with it the journey of its creator; an expression that reaches people beyond words.


About the Artist

Arunima is a postgraduate in Ceramics and Glass Design from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. She was introduced to clay early in her career, while studying Applied Arts at College of Arts, Delhi.


Little did she know that it would become her calling in life, with the horizons to explore the medium increasing every day.

Works by the Artist

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